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Kia ora.

Welcome. My name is Sarah. I am a wife and mother from the deep south in New Zealand – wild mountains and wild waters. We live in a renovation villa, built during the First World War. My husband is a builder-turned-Theology student, while the children and I spend our days in delight-directed homeschooling. We read books, go for walks, follow rabbit trails, and have lots of conversations about everything. I love reading and writing. And I love being home.

I have blogged on and off for many years, but often stop. I struggle with the pressure of what bloggers are supposed to be and do. But I am just a busy homemaker, writing when she can, and when the inspiration hits. Writing is something I need to do, and I love encouraging other mothers, so I keep going. I do hope that the Lord uses it to bless others and glorify His name.

I’m not on any other forms of social media, other than Pinterest, so if this writing resonates with you, please subscribe to my blog. And, I love comments and conversations!



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