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A Free Weekly Printable Planner

If you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with planners. Part of me loves the planning and the prettiness, and the other part hates that life gets in the way and ruins all my pretty plans! Or, and this is the most true for me, I can never find one that suits me just right.

So, a long time ago, I created one that suits my style, the way my brain works, and that I am not bound to (I’m a bit of a free-style sort of person). I shared a picture of this planner sheet on my Instagram and it seems that some other women would benefit from it, too.

Here are a few quick notes on the way I set it out:


I like seeing everything in one space. I hate flicking to different pages to find different bits of information. This way I can see, clearly laid out, all the different aspects of my life for the week in one.

At the top is the diary/appointment section so that anything important coming up is right there and not lost within the page.

Next are the goals and tasks for the week. I differientiate between the two because: one (goals) are aims for the week and if they don’t happen, that’s okay; and two (tasks), are things that take priority in my work around the house. Basically, a list for ‘I hope to’ and ‘I must do’.

This ties in with the habit tracker. Is there anything I’m trying to do regularly and put a priority on? This helps me narrow down all the ‘could do’s’ and creates a ‘yes, these matter’.


For me, the reason why I dedicate my life to being a homemaker and home educator is to love and serve my family. This is framed by the love God has for me and mine for Him. His Word is what fills me and fuels me, so it’s helpful to have a verse that I can look at through the week to remember, be encouraged by, to spur me on etc.

Lastly, the box on loving my family is for specific things I know will really agape my family in the upcoming week. It could be specific prayers, something particular my husband wants me to do, a note to talk to the children about something…Anything that is pertinent or important for this week.

I hope it blesses you as you serve and care for your family.

Click for the Printable Planner here

Please, if you share this via social media, link back to my IG handle (@in_pleasantplaces) or this blog, Restored Mama. Thank you!


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