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my favourite charlotte mason blogs

Reading blogs is one of my favourite past times. In fact, in reading blogs, the Lord led me to the idea of homeschooling – something my husband and I had never thought we would do.

I love finding blogs that help me grow deeper in my understanding of Charlotte Mason, as well as inspire me with ideas of curriculum, books, resources for enrichment studies etc. So I thought I would compile a list of my favourite online CM places that another reader might be equally equipped for this life.


Farmhouse Schoolhouse

Even though Elsie is probably more heavily Classical, she is definitely influenced by Charlotte Mason. I appreciate Elsie because she has four boys and I, only having one, am always on the look out for mother’s who are able to home educate their sons in a more academic way. I find her posts helpful and encouraging, and I love following her on Instagram, too.


A Humble Place

Rebecca produced a Kindergarten curriculum guide a number of years ago which inspired me because other CM sources do not. I love her Term Review posts to see how her homeschooling is going with her two children as they work through Ambleside Online. I appreciate her honesty when something doesn’t work, like when she dropped Trial and Triumph, and how she adjusts her schedule accordingly. Rebecca is a wonderful source of insight and practical help for the CM mama.

Charlotte Mason Kindergarten Morning Time -


Brandy has a mix of Classical and CM, like other mothers, but she definitely writes more about her journey through Charlotte Mason. When I have been grappling with a particular idea of Charlotte Mason, or trying to work out how to apply a principle, I often turn to Brandy for an article that will help me. Her post I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will, OR: I Can Do the Work of Homeschooling is one of my favourite blog posts of all time. I return to it frequently for a kick and motivation to do the work I have been tasked to do.

Charlotte Mason's motto for homeschool moms -- another pep talk written to myself.

The Unplugged Family

I have loved Cassandra’s blog for years. She stopped blogging for a couple of years as their family went through some changes, but she is starting to blog again and I am so excited. When we did Five in a Row, I would look at her posts for help. But we have had conversations and she believes that children are capable of doing harder things from a young age, especially boys. So I am excited to read more of her CM posts and continue to go back through her others for inspiration.

Around the Thicket

Amy is a wonderful resource for mother’s with younger children, the early years. She is also really passionate about Mother Culture and encouraging mother’s to pursue their own education as a habit that, not only shapes her character, but is an example to her children as she exorts them in their own education. She has some great free resources, as well.

There They Are…

There are so many other blogs out there that are encouraging and informing about educating our children in the Charlotte Mason way. I hope to share soon my favourite Instagram accounts that inspire and encourage, too.

I couldn’t finish this post though, without naming a few more that I love, too. More personal blogs, like my own, that I get excited when I see they have posted something new.

Lessons Unfolded

In the Stillness

Botch Family Homeschool

The Grace-filled Life

Do you have a favourite Charlotte Mason blog I have missed?




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