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Seeking God’s Will For Your Homeschool

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I have made the mistake early on in our homeschool journey of not intentionally seeking God and what He wanted of our family.

I, of course, prayed about the children, for me, and for guidance…but I went on and did what I wanted to do instead of actually asking God about the specifics. So, for this first year and a half, I have just been all over the place, trying all the different philosophies and buying things we will never end up using.
Please learn from my mistake! I have definitely come away, humbled and yet strengthened in this task of educating these children of His. The biggest idea that my heart has taken on, and which I just want to share and encourage other new homeschooling mothers, is this:

God cares about my homeschool and He does actually have a plan about what we do each day.

After trying Charlotte Mason, unschooling, Five and a Row – and probably a whole mesh of things sometimes, I came to a place where each week I would try something new, or return to a previous way, because they all looked so good. How can we choose from all the amazing ways to school our children? 

All Along I Knew…

All along however, I have known that providing and training our children in rich resources toward what is good, and true, and beautiful is what would be the wisest thing for our family in the long run.
I also knew that strengthening and equipping our children’s minds for this world that fights with words and images could be the best thing I do to equip them for adulthood. 
I knew that hard books and hard thinking and lots of memorisation would lay these roots down in their minds.
I knew that having a clear plan, with a sense of direction each day, week, month, year, was the most logical step to take.
I knew these things, but I let the overwhelm of exposure to amazing things get to me. I didn’t use discernment, rather, I let comparison and my feelings lead the way.

Where We Are Now

So, I repented and turned to Him genuinely. And within a week, I had a clear idea of what He was wanting of me and of our children. Through prayer, leading in Scripture, conversations with my husband, and – I believe – a divine appointment at a Salvation Army bookstore, I have more confidence in where we are heading for our homeschool. 

Inspired and helped by The Well-Trained Mind, with strong Charlotte Mason influences, and a whole heap of realism – I think we are on a better path. 
I’m not discounting all that I have learned from other philosophies – like, say, unschooling. Right now, as we’re busy getting our house ready to sell, I cannot even deal with any hardcore schooling. But I can relax because I know God has the children. They are learning all the time.

I just need to be faithful with the little I can offer at the moment.

Have You Sought God’s Will For Your Homeschool?

This whole post is not just about my recent experience. I want it to be about you. 

Have you, as the mother and educator of your children, prayed and sought God’s will for how you homeschool? Even if you have, have you recently? There may have been some friction or burn out or valley’s recently – could God be asking you to stop, pray, and listen for His new direction?

To help you, I made this printable to journal on. As, or after, you have spent time praying and reading God’s Word, whether in one day or over a few months, you can record what has really struck you. Have you sought your husband’s wisdom recently? Has a book, or even a line in a book, really stood out to you? There is space for that also.
Then, at the bottom, you can write our a summary or vision of where you think God is leading your homeschool. Stick in your planner or binder, or laminate it on the fridge. Have it somewhere you can be reminded frequently of God’s loving guidance of your homeschool. I pray it blesses you!

Click Here 

Friends, may God guide you and bless you!

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