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An Honest Homeschool Post About Comparing and Feeling a Bit Crazy

I am just so, so, so thankful for the homeschooling community on the internet. In so many ways, we are homeschooling because of all the blogs and mamas I followed when our two were itsy-bitsy. Seeing them online and reading their words planted the idea in my heart, and the Spirit fed it over time. Now, on hard days, taking to Instagram and connecting with like-minded mothers makes all the difference for me. Honestly, God uses this whole new world for mothers for so much good.
Can I share with you my biggest struggle, though?
For me, the comparison isn’t Oh, dear, I am such a failure kind of comparison. Rather, it’s a Oh my, I love what they’re doing, maybe we should do that? kind of comparison. Seriously, it must be a fear of missing out or something (which is apparently shortened to FOMO, something I didn’t know until recently). 
Like I shared in my last post (which, by the way, resonated with so many which is so encouraging), I have had Charlotte Mason dreams since the beginning. I love to follow CM-style mamas out there because the little Instagram-squares they post are so beautiful and so inspiring. I think I would have loved to be homeschooled under a Charlotte Mason philosophy, and dreamed one for our own home.
In the last few weeks, I have tried to do it again. Those beautiful squares were making me get giddy and longing to have my ideal realised. So I made a quick plan for the rest of the term and we got to it. And, you know what, it went really well. Much better than I thought it would, making me pleasantly surprised and happy. And the reason why it hadn’t worked before – my darling boy – actually did super well. 
And yet, I just don’t know

That’s been my stumbling block right from the beginning of this journey: I just don’t know what I want for us. All the families doing all the homeschool styles look amazing and inspiring and would be wonderful for us, too. So I have frog-jumped onto almost all of them. For a few weeks or months, we’ll be ticking a long doing unschooling/Charlotte Mason/unit study etc. but then, I’ll be inspired by others and change it all.

Is anyone else like me out there?
Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who can’t stick to something. I have heard this is common for curriculum – a mother always wondering if that other curriculum would be the missing puzzle piece to the ‘perfect’ homeschool. So far, that hasn’t been too hard (living in a far away country probably helps with that). But our homeschool style? I just can’t stick!
So, in the last two months, we have Five in a Row-ed, unschooled, Charlotte Mason-ed, and back to Five in a Row. I feel like I’m a little crazy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a particularly inspiring ending to share, rather, I’m just sharing – what I feel is – a failure of mine so far as a homeschooling mother. Perhaps there is another mother out there who is the same, or a further-along mother can share some advice or encouragement to help me. I think I need it!

And for your information, this week we have been doing Five in a Row in the mornings and Interest-Led Learning for all the rest of the time 😂


One response to “An Honest Homeschool Post About Comparing and Feeling a Bit Crazy”

  1. I am not a homeschooling mama but I do think that comparison issues can affect us all. I honestly believe that if you are doing your best, then that is enough. I can only imagine how challenging home schooling must be! Please be encouraged! I wonder if there is a group (even an online one) of other homeschooling mamas who could provide support and inspiration? Thank you for sharing this honest post with the Hearth and Soul Link Party.


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