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New Season, New Life at Home

Autumn. It truly is a wonderful time of year. The strong heat has lessened. Flowers bloom their very last. Mornings are crisper. All the rich colours of the leaves. And, the very best, the warm sunlight that pours inside, inviting me to rest whenever I move through it.
My thirty-third birthday is coming up and I am in a new season of life. Our two sweet children are no longer super little. Josiah is six and Rosalie is speeding toward five. We’re learning to read, growing as people, and there is nary baby paraphenalia in sight. Goodness, it feels like opening the window to a warm sunny day after a long winter.
Life is no longer survival and getting through. There are hard days and weeks, yes! Oh, yes. Both children seem to tag-team struggles like a never ending relay race. But we’re all sleeping, and moving through our days with (most of the time) purpose and enjoyment. I am so thankful.
Just as our family is in a new season of childhood and homeschooling, I am changing, too. I have found myself deeply hungry for slow living and simple living over the last year. I can see how it is a long process of change. But I need it. I need a new level of being rooted. Not just rooted to our home (now almost ten years here), but also rooted to this life. Rooted into the rhythm of the days, of the months and seasons, living in a way that is in tune with all that surrounds.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing.” ~ Annie Dillard
Summer brought much time outside. The beach, walking in the forest, playing outside, digging in the garden (still so naively), just enjoying life in the outdoors. With Autumn comes more time inside, more reading on the couch, more time to see the state of the home and, dare I say it, my homemaking habits and skills.

For Christmas, I bought myself The Made From Scratch Life. I have always wanted to live a quiet life, but in the last year or so, I have had a seed slowly growing with the desire to live a simple life. To take notice of everything I do. To watch my hands and slow down as I wash dishes or fold laundry. To enjoy good books and learn about good and beautiful things with the children rather than rushing through a curriculum. To keep learning to grow our own vegetables and relish making a home.
Much of the time, this can feel overwhelming. There is so much to learn and understand. Often my mood cannot be bothered and I don’t know enough to just push through that feeling. There are also many places to start living simply, where do I begin? 
But I know that Rome was not built in a day and neither is a good life. So, slowly, slowly, I’m reading and doing little things, getting into a better rhythm as a homemaker. We made the big decision to not sell and buy a new home (giving us a bigger mortgage), so we’re beginning major renovations on the home. It really feels like a new season and new life, at home.

What season are you in at home? Please share.

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6 responses to “New Season, New Life at Home”

  1. Good Morning! This post really blessed me this morning because I could have written it (and probably did write something similar) six years ago. Pursuing the simple life is an ongoing thing—but I've found that the main thing I need to do is stop doing so much outside the home. When I can limit my responsibilities to home (and now, church, as my children are older-ish) I find that I have the peaceful attitude that is required to do all the things God has called me to do—including going after some of my own interests.I just wrote the following on Facebook after reading your blog:\”How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing.\” ~ Annie DillardI just read that quote and, while it seems so simple, it's really a profound thought. The girl who used it in her blog is turning 33 and feeling the need to settle into a more simple life of LIVING. That was the same age that I, too, felt like I wanted to start LIVING. But, the truth is, I WAS living…I just wasn't living intentionally. I was letting life just sort of happen to me, rather than thinking about what I truly wanted and what God was calling me to and then going after it with all that was in me. (Ironically, that was also my last year of child bearing…the end of one thing has been the beginning of another.) 33 was the year I started traveling, it was the year we moved to Arkansas, it was the year I started painting and writing my book and taking the time to really understand classical literature.Anyway, I'm saying all this to say—everything you do today is what you do. THAT is your life. Be thankful for it, no matter what, but also spend a little time evaluating it. You might need to make small adjustments…or really huge changes…to live the life that pleases God AND fulfills the desires of your heart. That life is possible—and it's very fulfilling—but it requires facing your reality…and that's hard to do sometimes.


  2. I was so interested to read about your journey towards simplifying your life. Although I'm in a season where that isn't really possible, I do crave being attentive and living in the moment. Whenever we try to make changes in our lifestyle, I believe it is an ongoing process and there is no 'succeed' or 'fail'. If we take pleasure in the journey, then that is always a step forward. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post with the Hearth and Soul Link Party.


  3. Sarah, thank you so much! What a wonderful encouragement this morning. I read the quote only a few days ago from the blog Homesong (in my sidebar) and it so resonated with me. Today and today only is the life we have. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is only in God's mind. This has been on my heart for months and I am slowly mulling it through – hopefully a blog post or two in the future!Sarah, keep writing and paving the way for younger women like me. We so need it!


  4. It so is an ongoing process, you are so right. And about the pleasure in our each day. Thank you so much for having a lovely link-up in a very non-personal blogger world today, it means alot!


  5. Loved reading this, and it helps me to know you better. I'll check out that book you mentioned.Laura of Harvest Lane CottageOne year from graduating my last childafter 28 years at home


  6. Thank you, Laura! And congratulations on your almost graduated child!!


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