Happy Homemaker Monday (8th April, 2019)

Hosted by Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

I think this is fitting to be the first post on my new blog. It fits my heart’s vision for this online space: enjoying simple things, being intentionally thoughtful about daily life, and being thankful for this day the Lord has made.

W E A T H E R: 
Autumn has definitely hit the last few days. The days are cooler, especially the mornings. Today, after three or four grey and drizzley days, the sun has peaked through. It is just after 8am, and the morning sunshine is filling our kitchen and living room. It is delicious.
R E A D I N G: 
The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien (last quarter to go!), Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot (a much needed re-read), and Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson (soul-changing for me).
M O V I E S + T V : 
Tim and I started season four of Peaky Blinders, and as a family we watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.
M E N U: 
Not 100% sure of the later end of the week due to us going away on a long trip for the weekend, but: 
Monday: Paprika Chicken
Tuesday: Creamy Coconut + Tomato Soup (with homemade bread)
Wednesday: Sushi
Thursday: Spaghetti
Friday – Monday: We are away down south at a wedding.
T O  D O: 
I am starting a new cleaning rhythm inspired by Homesong, and each day has a “set intention”, so this week my focus is to focus on each intention for the day plus the normal daily tasks.   //   Homeschool Josiah each morning   //    Pack and prepare for our big weekend trip. We are such homebodies and it’s a big deal for us.   //   Help Tim lead a Bible Study on Thursday night.
C R A F T: 
I haven’t picked up some projects in a while. I have a cross-stitch to keep doing, plus a quilt top for Josiah which has been a number of years in the making and I haven’t got very far with it. I have been distracted for far too long from the simple and beautiful things I have always loved, and I’m working on getting back there.
L O O K I N G  F O R W A R D: 
Even though this trip coming has been a source of anxiety to me (it will be our first long car drive), I am looking forward to seeing our friends marry and taking the children somewhere that is totally different. Queenstown is a beautiful lake town, the backdrop was part of The Lord of the Rings movies.
F R O M  T H E  C A M E R A: 
This was our first walk where I felt Autumn had arrived, a few weeks back, and a couple of days after the Mosque Attacks here in our city. It felt so surreal to be doing something very normal for us, and beautiful, knowing what people were going through and suffering not far away. 
W E A R I N G:
Jeans, black t-shirt, and socks. Pretty simple. Oh, and a little mascarra.

S I M P L E  P L E A S U R E S: 
Enjoying sunlight on different things during the day. Early morning in the kitchen, warming up the couch during Morning Basket, on the children’s faces at lunch, on our backs as we walk outside.
C H R I S T I A N  E N C O U R A G E M E N T: 
From Elisabeth Elliot this morning, 
“But God has set no traps for us. Quite the contrary. He has summoned us to the only true and full freedom.”

Thank you for coming a long with me!


10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday (8th April, 2019)

  1. Wow, I feel honored getting to read and comment on your very first post. Really enjoyed reading it. Hope you enjoy your weekend trip! How neat to get to see a place that was a backdrop for those movies (some of my favorite movies).


  2. That's so lovely! Now that I have almost finished actually reading the trilogy, I'm looking forward to going back and watching the movies again. It's very special to live in such a beautiful place. Thank you so much for coming by and commenting.


  3. What a beautiful page and terrific first post! I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading more in the future! Love the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy! Hope you're having a nice day and I wish you a blessed week ahead! ❤


  4. No matter how old I get it is still difficult for me to wrap my head around the hemispheres being opposite. Fall is my favorite season here and while I'm looking forward to spring in full bloom soon, I'd rather be heading into fall like you are.Congratulations on your new space and simplifying your life. I really enjoyed your first post. Have a GREAT week.


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